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Chincha Guluva Remembers Ellis Park Tragedy

Chincha Guluva Remembers Ellis Park Tragedy
Posted: 11 April 2021

The 11th of April marks a very sad day in South African football history as forty three (43) football-loving supporters never made it back home after a stampede at the Ellis Park Stadium some twenty years ago.

Kaizer Chiefs’ owner and founder, Ntate. Kaizer Motaung sends a heartfelt message, saying;

“Well, indeed, this is the 20th Anniversary of the Ellis Park disaster. People had gathered at Ellis Park to come and witness what was a beautiful game of football, all the expectations were very high for this game at Ellis Park.

“It was a beautiful evening, and all was going well and the game started…where I was seated, I could see some commotion starting in the corner there, which ultimately resulted in the stoppage of the game as security and everybody was called upon to control the stampede that occurred, as a result of people forcing their way into the stadium.

“It is very sad that the beautiful day turned out to be a very very sad day for some of the families because there were people who died and there were people who got injured.

“So I stand here, on behalf of Kaizer Chiefs and the soccer fraternity to say this day will remain a very very important day in our lives and we thank you for the support over the years and hopefully this type of event will never again happen,” concluded Kaizer.

The Beautiful Game would humbly like to echo the sentiments of Ntate. Kaizer Motaung, you may be gone, but we will never, ever forget the 43 lives that never returned home.

Article By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha.