December 5, 2021


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Youth Coaches Form Top Initiative

Youth Coaches Form Top Initiative
Posted: 11 November 2021

South Africa is one of the most gifted countries in relation to football talent, however, we’ve always had deficiencies in player development – and in no uncertain terms, has hampered our progress on the international space.

The Beautiful Game exclusively had a chat to Coach Jabu Mwelase, one of the five coaches who have created a unique performance training centre for the next generation of superstars in South African football, explaining the logic behind the plan, saying;

“The initiative is about Bringing High Performance training closer to our middle to lower class areas. Roodepoort Florida is a central place for the West Rand and Sowetans to engage.

“For age groups u6 to U12, which is called the little league, We introduce a formal training environment as to what to expect in the future, in the football world. Here, we hone listening skills, expand concentration, mold excellent behaviour, and heighten physical attributes, which contribute to dribbling, passing, ball control and the basics of each position on the field.

“For the age group U13 to U17 , We focus on training an individuals at the prospect of becoming a professional. Our intense focus is training an individual on how to take care of the athletic body, Balancing social responsibilities and formal education, as these are very important in grooming the a reasonable human being in society.

“With our girls/ladies, we fit them across the whole program and give them equal respect and training as we have seen many that can challenge at a high level. They too deserve the same opportunities on and off the field as the boy child gets in footballing development.

“Aspiring Coaches who are also the invited to come and shadow our seasoned coaches on how to run high performance training sessions,” he concluded.

The Beautiful Game urges all parents and coaches alike to partake in this great initiative in anticipation of better footballers who can one day wear the national colours of Bafana Bafana.

Article By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha, Florida, Johannesburg.