November 29, 2021


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Pitso: There Is NO Pre-season In Egypt

Pitso: There Is NO Pre-season In Egypt
Posted: 30 August 2021

Al Ahly SC Head Coach Pitso Jingles Mosimane has lamented the lack of rest in the Egyptian Premier League ever since arriving in the club some eleven months ago.

Mosimane, one of the most outspoken coaches in world football, told The Beautiful Game that there is absolutely no pre-season in Egypt, saying;

“You talk about pre-season Karabo, there is no pre-season in Egypt. When the league finished last season, I started a new season three days later, so you ask yourself ‘What’s happening here?’ and it’s not for me to question, it has been like that for four or five years.

“There is no pre-season here, when the world starts their new season, we’ll be finishing off our season here, and we still have the Egyptian Super Cup. And you tell me Karabo, where are the days off? But I spoke about that and I went into trouble and it was the first time I got fined – I’ve got a Nande Becker here, who fined me to say ‘I’m not supposed to be commenting on that.’

“But I said look, we can’t play five seasons in a row, that’s why we have so many injuries in Al Ahly, because Ahly plays in many tournaments here; the League, the Champions League huh? And I said it also creates problems for the Egyptian national team in the World Cup and in the Cup of Nations because their players are not tested,” concluded Pitso.

Mosimane is currently in South Africa to recharge his batteries before jetting out to start preparations for the upcoming Club World Cup and the the defence of the African Champions League.

Article By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha.