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Young, Exciting Duo Operate Top Sports Practice

Young, Exciting Duo Operate Top Sports Practice
Posted: 25 June 2021

The Beautiful Game recently visited one of the most promising and upcoming health practices in South Africa. The practice is being run by the two, young, bubbly and friendly duo of Thabitha Mohala and Chanê Bester, who have both graduated from the Internationally-acclaimed varsity, the University of Pretoria, popularly known as TUKS.

Thabitha, one of the duo, explains to us how they started the practice, where and how they met, saying;

“So when we saw that this practice was for sale, we thought we should go see how it looked. We came here with a open mind, we just here to look. But when we got here, we had to take this (she says excitingly).

“We studied together, right through from first year to our last year. So I was ready to start something and Chanê Breedt also wanted to do something, so we just thought ‘lets just do something together.’

As in any business, and particularly in sports, they face challenges, and Chanê takes us through some of those challenges, saying;

“When we bought the business from the previous owner, the owner didn’t do a lot of marketing, so when we started here, we basically had to start the entire business from scratch.

“And also in physio, you don’t buy over the patients because they (patients) come over a few times and it’s done. So I think the biggest challenge has been getting our name out there, getting our services out there, also trying to get people here, so marketing has been a challenge, as well as COVID-19, but we trying our level best.

The open-minded and talkative Thabitha jumps in and explains the type of services and patients they’ve had to date, saying;

“So we see a lot of back pain, neck pain, but I think that’s got to do more with the name, back and spinal. But we are very broad; we also do women’s health, prenatal, pilatus, we also do one on one pilatus, it’s not a group thing.

When asked about their dreams and ambitions for their practice, the two said;

“We would like to have more people coming in, not just our sports and our back patients, but a broader variety of conditions, and hopefully have different branches in different provinces around the country, that is the ultimate goal. But at the moment, we’d like to help more people and educate people through our social media platforms,” concluded the happy, young but knowledgeable, and highly qualified professionals.

The practice, simply named Sports and Spinal, is situated at the Sandton City Mall, Suite 104, Medical Mews, with their contact details as follows;

Tel: 011 884 5302 & 068 581 7390, and their email address is

The Beautiful Game humbly urges all its trusted readers to make use of their services, both at professional level (coaches, sportsmen and women, and in your personal capacity (individuals / family).

Article By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha.