December 5, 2021


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Pitso: He Doesn’t Want To Let Me Go

Pitso: He Doesn’t Want To Let Me Go
Posted: 23 May 2021

Al Ahly SC Head Coach Pitso Mosimane delivered one of the most emotional press conferences yet in his football career yesterday in the capital.

The Beautiful Game asked him of how has the last twenty four (24) hours been prior to an emotional return to the Lucas Moripe Stadium, and he said to us;

“Well Karabo, it’s football, I understand, and I know the person who did that, and I know the person who is behind that, just bitter because I left, I had to move on with my life. There is more, I don’t want to talk. The things I received before my match from South Africa?

“If I can show you my phone and my things? Correspondences I’ve received, emails I’ve received, they just don’t let me go, and those emails are not coming from the supporters, they coming from the main office.

“And there is only one person who can allow that, for these emails to come, emails from lawyers; why I left, how I left, but that I will save it for my book, I’ll write a book, infact I have the book.

“I’ve just kept it (the book) and I’ve just said ‘You know let bygones be bygones’, like at SAFA, I’ve moved on, but their behind me, they don’t leave me. I’ve left a good team, for the coaches to inherit a better team, the best ever that I’ve ever had, and I thought I left in peace, shook hands, but I’m not at peace,” he concluded.

Mosimane also spoke to The Beautiful Game before climbing into a different bus for his safety out of the stadium as the African giants boarded back to their hotel.

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