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Kuyt: I’m Bleeding For Scousers

Kuyt: I’m Bleeding For Scousers
Posted: 19 April 2021

Reigning English Premier League Champions Liverpool Football Club have confirmed through their website yesterday that their part of the “Big Six” to participate in the European Super League.

The Reds, alongside Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester United, and Manchester City have all agreed to partake in this ‘elite league’.

Our European Correspondent based in London, Chris Wheatley, exclusively spoke to former Liverpool striker and legend Dirk Kuyt this Lunchtime, who tells The Beautiful Game when asked of his thoughts and feelings of the situation, saying;

“Shocking, it is really shocking, not only for me but for all Scousers (referring to people living in Liverpool) and Liverpool fans across the world, I mean I spend six good years at Anfield, at the Kop, this is my home!

“Them (Liverpool owners) agreeing to this is sad, it goes against the ethos of this proud Football Club, this is Liverpool. Do they understand what “You’ll Never Walk Alone” mean? The club’s greatest manager, Bill (Shankley) must be turning in his grave, I don’t understand this.

“I think this has got to do more with greed, it is just greed. Liverpool is a family club, a community club, a club for the people by the people of this great City. I hope they don’t continue with this, I really hope so Chris.

“This club is dedicated to the people of the City, we’re involved in many projects that filter through right down to everyone here; joining this European Super League speaks against the spirit of Shankley, the spirit of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, the Spirit of the Kop, I don’t understand this greed,” concluded the irritated Kuyt.

The Beautiful Game will be getting more reaction from yesteryear heroes of the ‘Big Six’ across Europe in the next couple of hours.

Article By;
Chris Wheatley, London, England.