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Truter: It’s NOT Easy

Truter: It’s NOT Easy
Posted: 27 March 2021

The Beautiful Game sat down with Swallows FC Head Coach Brandon Truter as he exclusively tells us how he has dealt with the players at the club for the good of it, saying to us;

“Uhm, that’s a tough question to ask and a tough question to answer as well…yes people are reading into situations as to what are we doing at Swallows and thinking it’s easy, it’s not! The ego’s, the pride’s, the bigger players, players who have been there, done that, and some who think they’ve arrived – that’s also on and off the pitch as well.

“So from the coaching and head coach’s perspective, you have to bring this thing together. Uhm…off the field it’s tough, there’s still some older trends that’s still within the football fraternity and people are not always open to change, I think that’s the experience I’ve had in football as well.

“Being one of the modern football coach; in the league, and my emphasis is to bring something new to the league, and bring something new to South African football but getting that mindset, that atmosphere, you have to create it, you need everybody to buy into that.

“Yes not only the players, but the management as well, and once there isn’t that understanding, it’s either you going to fight with your management or fights with your players, and that’s what you don’t want. So it’s not easy having to satisfy the management, the players and the technical team as well. Sometimes you have to manipulate the situation to try and keep the players happy because ultimately, this is a football team,” concluded Truter.

The Dube Birds have dropped crucial points in recent weeks and there was an emergency meeting on Tuesday, but Truter downplayed the severity of the meeting.

Article By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha.