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“Just Pass The Ball To Him”

“Just Pass The Ball To Him”

Posted: 21 February 2021

South African football has always been blessed with extremely talented footballers, and one could think of Teko Tsholofelo Dona Modise, Doctor 16V Khumalo, Jabu Pule to name but a few.

The Beautiful Game asked SuperSport United defender Grant Kekana of gifted 22-year-old Sipho Mbule, and he said;

“Yeah you know he is a special talent, his got great confidence within himself and I think he is the only person that can limit himself. To play alongside him is…you can’t really explain the feeling because you just want to win the ball and give it to him so that he does something special.

“So I think if he keeps going at the rate that he is, and keeps his head down and keeps working hard, only God knows how far he can go because he is a special talent,” concluded Kekana.

Mbule is one footballer blessed with a touch of an angel, mercurial skills and simply unplayable on his day, with Kekana hoping to see more of “The Chef.”

Article By;

Selebalo Karabo Phasha.