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Sky Sports Partners With SK Phasha & The Beautiful Game

Sky Sports Partners With SK Phasha & The Beautiful Game
Posted: 30 December 2020

Today marks a special, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Mr. Selebalo Karabo Phasha as he partners with United Kingdom-based television broadcaster Sky Sports News for the January Transfer Window.

Mr. Phasha has worked with Sky Sports News before, however, this agreement is different from the rest as it is a full-on experience for the promising, young, ambitious, determined and honest sports presenter, writer, and analyst.

Sky Sports Business Officer Mr. Behar said;

“We’ve known the young lad Mr. Selebalo since his infant years of higher education when he sent us countless electronic communication, and we really weren’t interested in all honesty at the time. Nonetheless, he kept sending them mails rigorously, until we took notice a couple of years ago.

“What this means for him is to learn how we break news here at Sky; how we report, write, source inside Intel from football clubs across Europe; including them players on the move, gaffers, managers, technical directors, and intermediaries – who have become massive key components in football in recent years.

“Now what is different with this agreement is that our team will speak to him on Zoom on a regular basis, include him in some of the meetings that we feel he needs to be present, hear his thoughts, improve his writing technique and obviously lend a hand in his presenting abilities among others.

“We’ve received his records, and we quite happy with how he structures his questions to football managers and footballers alike – but we will improve him.

“For us, we will help him become better, and he will get better with the thirty odd days he is working and learning from us and his fantastic site, which seems to be steadily on the up and up to be honest,” concluded Behar.

The agreement is for the entire duration of the European market (2 January 2020 – 3 February 2020), focusing solely in top footballing leagues; the Premier League, the Spanish league among others.

Selebalo Karabo Phasha;

“Grateful, thankful, appreciative of this great opportunity Sky has given me. I know it’s for thirty days but it means the world to me. I’ve always wanted to learn from Sky, and this experience I will cherish for the rest of my life. I’ve worked extremely hard for this; late nights, early mornings, phone calls to coaches, players, and football club owners. This has been a dream of mine since my early years, it’s a dream, it really is a dream come true.

“To my family, particularly my parents, my siblings, Mr. Senaomadi, my friends and all those who have been part of my journey, thank you for everything.”

Article By;
Sky Sports News.