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Phafoli: It’s Motivational

Phafoli: It’s Motivational
Posted: 28 November 2020

The Beautiful Game speaks to promising young Bloemfontein Celtics goalkeeper Gerhard Phafoli on possibly making his debut for the club in continental football, live from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The 23-year-old has been earmarked as the next big star in the DSTV Premiership by head coach John Maduka. When The Beautiful Game asked him about how the mood is in camp, he said;

“The mood is very good… Very Optimistic !! The guys are very excited to be involved in a tournament of this magnitude”

Maduka has sent a young squad to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Phafoli comments on the youthfulness of the team, saying;

“Well the fact that it’s a ‘relatively young squad’ kind of reliefs the pressure off a bit you know… Although, there’s always pressure within each and every player to do well and I think that is common. More especially in a team like Celtics that always wants to win. So we try and maintain a winning mentality and that on its own is pressure that we’ve instilled in ourselves and try by all means to live up to it”

On playing in the CAF Confederations Cup for the first time, the intimidating ‘keeper said;

“It feels good, I mean every player wants to play continental and international football so it is motivation on its own and it is quite exciting,” he concluded.

Siwelele will be hopeful of getting a positive result in the first leg in DRC tomorrow and finishing off the encounter in the next couple of weeks in Bloemfontein.

Article By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha.