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The Beautiful Game Bags Media Partner

The Beautiful Game Bags Media Partner
Posted: 26 October 2020

The Beautiful Game is proud to announce its partnership with Cobra Tycoon Radio as of 26 October 2020 as its main media partner.

Cobra Tycoon, an upmarket, sophisticated radio station based in Johannesburg, racks in more than 488 000 listeners on a monthly basis. The radio station was born earlier three months ago and has already grown from strength to strength.

The station’s Operations Manager, Abby, upon the conclusion of the agreement, said;

“Yeah look this is an exciting and beautiful union. Both of us, The Beautiful Game and Cobra Tycoon Radio are on digital platforms, so the marriage was straight up and the relationship was very clear from the onset, the lines were very clear and not blurry.

“The Beautiful Game will bring football and sports content across and Cobra Tycoon Radio will provide a platform for The Beautiful Game to flex as far as sports is concerned.

“Look we deal with different sources and The Beautiful Game is our main and trusted source for all sports. We are extremely happy with the relationship and we will take it as far as possible.

“Both brands are building up and it means when one brand explodes it means another will explode and reach higher heights,”
concluded the vastly experienced Abby.

The Beautiful Game would be adding the link to the radio station ( and will be seen on the Home Page of The Beautiful Game and vice versa, with the Beautiful Game’s link on Cobra Tycoon Radio’s homepage.

We would like to show appreciation and gratitude from all of us here at The Beautiful Game; to all the lovers and readers of this platform, thank you for your continued support. We will continue to grow because of you and your support, thank you. This one is for you!

Article By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha.