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Top SuperSport Pundit: Enough Is Enough!

Top SuperSport Pundit: Enough Is Enough!
Posted: 13 July 2020

Top SuperSport analyst James Mayinga has sent a strong message against the recently-announced pandemic in South Africa Gender Based Violence. Mayinga has been one of the few leading the fight against this sickening act on his social media accounts, and has exclusively spoken to The Beautiful Game, sending a strong message, saying;

“I say no to Gender Based Violence, real men don’t run away from their responsibilities; they protect our mothers, sisters and children, enough is enough. As men, we need to protect our women, as men we need to ensure that we create a conducive environment for our women, irregardless of anything. Let us not take their lives, remember they gave birth to us.

“As a father of three daughters, I find it fitting to put the message across to say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: LET’S SAY NO TO GENDER-BASED VIOLENCE!” concluded the saddened Mayinga.

The Beautiful Game, alongside Mayinga calls upon all men to rethink their acts against women and children to stop Gender Based Violence on all accounts!

Ours As Men Is To Protect, Not Hurt!

Posted By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha.