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“Remove Politics In Football!”

“Remove Politics In Football!”
Posted: 20 May 2020

Former Bafana Bafana international and Panathinaikos defender Nasief Morris has pointed out why the national team has struggled for over a decade on the international front. Morris, who has thirty seven (37) caps for Bafana, believes political interference has hindered the progress of the national team, saying;

“My thing (problem) is the politics, that’s the main thing. The politics need to be removed from sports and football in South Africa and maybe everything will improve, simple. I’m just being honest!”

When asked how the national team can improve, he said, “We need to have a plan and stick to the plan. But the problem is that we tend to change the plan quickly and have hiccups on the way. So what we can do is have a plan and stick to the plan and go step-by-step”

Morris made reference to a new born baby in regards to how Bafana need to do things, continuing, “It is similar to being born, you don’t just start running; you crawl, learn to stand up, balance, walk, jog and then start running, so everything has a process,” he concluded.

Molefi Ntseki, the national team head coach, will be looking to use those steps to help Bafana qualify for the upcoming international tournaments (2021 AFON  and the 2022 World Cup).

Article By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha.