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Bundesliga 1st Day Return: Full Report

Bundesliga 1st Day Return: Full Report
Posted: 17 May 2020

The German Bundesliga led the way yesterday (16th of May 2020) in regard to the return to football during the COVID-19. The report, from our correspondence in Germany and the UK, say it has shown a massive success in all eight fixtures of the day. Read the full report below;

“The eyes of the world really were on Germany today, those first round of fixtures. By most metrics, the first round of this experiment has been a success. Yes there were no fans in the stadium, the atmosphere completely different from normal, the players wearing masks, the goal celebrations even socially distanced, it did feel unusual but it was football.

“You get a feel of how much people were welcoming live sport back on their screens here in Dortmund. It’s a hugely bitter local rivalry, it’s been played 108 times, and a lot of the fans here would usually be in the stadiums. A lot were watching from home but many in bars and cafes which have been allowed to open since yesterday.

“It was unusual, coming from England to Germany how much the lockdown here has been relaxed. Some of the tables have been moved apart, most of the waiting staff were wearing masks, but it did feel like it was returning to some kind of normal. People inside were saying it’s not the same and they’d rather be inside the stadium, but they’re just happy football is back,” concluded the report.

There will be more German fixtures today (17th of May 2020), with defending champions Bayern Munich looking to extend their lead at the top of the table.

Article By;
Chris Wheatley, Martha Kelner.