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The Big Interview: Marcos Pelegrin

The Big Interview: Marcos Pelegrin

27 April 2020

The Spanish LaLiga is one of the most-watched football leagues in world football, and The Beautiful Game had a heart-to-heart interview with the new Managing Director of LaLiga South Africa, Marcos Mr. Pelegrin. The interview was inspirational, and turned out informative, read the full interview below;

Interviewer; Greetings Mr.Pelegrin, let me take this opportunity to welcome you once again to South Africa and congratulate you on your new role as the Managing Director of LaLiga South Africa.

Mr. Pelegrin; Thank you very much, I hope your family is well and hanging in there. It is a pleasure being here and helping LaLiga here in South Africa.

Interviewer; Thank you Mr. Pelegrin. Can you please give us a short brief of who Mr. Pelegrin is?

Mr. Pelegrin; Yes, I am from Zaragoza, a city in Spain and I’ve been working with LaLiga for three years. I am also the Managing Director for LaLiga South Africa and I am excited about this role and hope to add my knowledge here.

Interviewer; Absolutely. Mr. Pelegrin, what are your objectives as the Managing Director of LaLiga South Africa?

Mr. Pelegrin; Our main objectives as LaLiga South Africa is to bring LaLiga closest to South African fans. There is many ways to achieve this; we do activations, we work in community tournaments, develop sports projects, we do events in important LaLiga matches, we want to do activations all around the country. In the following months and years, we want to grow the fan base of South Africans for LaLiga and be able to bring LaLiga closest to them (fans), so that they can feel it closer and closer.

Interviewer; Those are big plans and we really hope they are accomplished. Tell us, how has this COVID-19 affected your plans?

Mr. Pelegrin; Definitely, it has affected our plans because we had to put them on hold. But it’s a matter of time and we are working on different projects that we can develop right now and to develop a strategy we can use when the competition (football) is back.

Interviewer; Yeah…so, are there any positives that you can extract from the COVID-19?

Mr. Pelegrin; Definitely yes, every bad aspect comes with a good side and positive inputs. So, we have been able to put ideas together, develop a little bit more deeper on our strategy and attitude to go more into what South Africa needs from LaLiga and how we can assist.

Interviewer; Uhm, what is…what is the legacy you want to leave after your term here?

Mr. Pelegrin; I would like to see an intertwined market between South Africa and Spain. I’d like to see South African football fans being proud of our work and what LaLiga has done here. For example; we are building an infrastructure in Kwamhlobo for learners to do their school work and for them to learn. To also measure how many people are following LaLiga.

Interviewer; That is absolutely great, in closing Mr.Pelegrin, what is your message to South Africans at this difficult time?

Mr. Pelegrin; I am sending a message of strength and courage because it is difficult times, but together we will come out of this situation much stronger! Thank you very much, I am always available for you, keep well and keep safe!

Interviewer; Thank you very much Mr.Pelegrin, keep well and we will definitely speak again in the near future!


Interview By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha.