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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Miss. Mamelodi Sundowns 2020

EXCLUSIVE Interview with Miss. Mamelodi Sundowns 2020
Posted: 22 April 2020

The Beautiful Game had the pleasure of interviewing the stunningly beautiful, newly-crowned Miss. Mamelodi Sundowns 2020, Kadija Makhanya. The humble, yet so ambitious Kadija opened her heart for The Beautiful Game, the full interview is below.

Interviewer; Greetings, Miss. Sundowns 2020, from all of us here at The Beautiful Game would like to congratulate you on your victory, well done.

Miss. Sundowns; Thank you very, very much, ngiyabonga (thank you)… (Sigh), I’m well and thank you for asking, I hope you are well on your side.

Interviewer; So, let’s get started Miss. Kadija, your love for football, where and when did it start?

Miss Sundowns; I grew up around a lot of women, the only male figure in my life was my uncle, so he was also a soccer player, unfortunately because of the bad choices, he does not play anymore. So, to answer you, I discovered my passion for football in 2010, which coincided with the 2010 Soccer World Cup (laughs).

Interviewer; that is very interesting…which club did you support when you were growing up?

Miss Sundowns; … (deep pause) my uncle supported Orlando Pirates, my family Kaizer Chiefs, but my uncle had the greatest influence on me, so as a kid (emphasizes as a kid) I fell for Orlando Pirates… (Laughs)

Interviewer; I understand (laughing). So, which stadium was your first and which teams were playing?

Miss. Sundowns; err, I think it was in 2013…(pause), yes, it was in 2013, with a friend of mine, we went to watch Kaizer Chiefs playing against uhm…Maritzburg United at the beautiful Moses Mabhida Stadium.

Interviewer; Coming to Sundowns pageantry, did you really think you’d win the competition? It was very tight wasn’t it…?

Miss. Sundowns; Yes, it was very challenging. But I was confident in myself, I was confident in my abilities, I knew I had what it took to become Miss. Sundowns, however, I guess I also expected whatever outcome it would’ve been. Overall, yes, I was very confident I would win.

Interviewer; on the flipside of this great win, had you not won, what would have life been like?

Miss. Sundowns; to be honest… (Smiles), I’d still be a KZN princess, I’d still be carrying on with my duties in KZN and actively involved in the Mamelodi Sundowns work in my province.

Interviewer; how has your life changed?

Miss. Sundowns; (…sigh), uhm, It has changed in many ways, I’ve been given a platform to use my voice, to really align my vision and goals on whatever it is that I want to achieve in my life. It has also given me resources to up skill myself and make life a bit easier for my family and those around me.

Interviewer;  Please tell us if you will…Who has been that one person who has been there right from the beginning, from birth and to now?

Miss. Sundowns; … (pause…sighs) to be honest, I have a great support system in my life guys. But I am so blessed to have my mother. She has never said modeling is not going to take you anywhere, she has never said pageantry will not take you anywhere…She has motivated me to go higher, to reach places I never thought I could, and I always see her face in the crowds cheering me on…(pauses and deep sigh)

Interviewer; finally, who is your favorite football player and why?

Miss. Sundowns; (laughs), there is quite a few (laughs again)…But for me, it has to be Denis Onyango, I fell in love with his journey throughout his football…I mean being in a foreign country and performing so well is not an easy task, so yes, it is Denis Onyango (pauses and screams)…and Percy Tau!

Interviewer; Kadija, thank you so, so much for your time, thank you for opening up your heart to us. This is definitely the beginning of bigger things for you, all the best and thank you!

Miss. Sundowns; Thank you so much The Beautiful Game, this means so much for me, thank you and all the best on your side, you guys are passionate about this, thank you!


Article By;
Selebalo Karabo Phasha & Jabulani Msimanga.