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Role of a Sports Masseur!

Role of a Sports Masseur!
Posted: 20 April 2020

Sport, particularly football, has evolved over the last couple of years, predominantly in the sports science of things. The Beautiful Game caught up with a qualified and professional Sports Masseur, Mr. Jabulani Mwelase.

Interviewer; Heita bro waka (Greetings my brother), How are you? Let’s get straight into it, what is the role of a Sports Masseur?

Mwelase; Hola broer (Greetings my brother), I’m well bro, yeah; the role of a Sports Masseur is to massage athletes, in my role, footballers, with the aim of preventing future injuries.

Interviewer; what is the importance of a Sports Masseur?

Mwelase; Sports Masseurs help footballers drain fatigue, to prepare footballers perform at their best in football matches. We also consider that footballers in the Premier Soccer League play two / three games a week, so we assist in ensuring that their fresh for each match-day.

Interviewer; what type of injuries do Sports Masseurs normally help with?

Mwelase; The injuries that we normally help with include the prevention or healing of groin injuries, muscle tear, muscle strains and fatigue. So what we do is we massage muscles in order to improve range of motion, to increase flexibility, to decrease muscle tension, decrease muscle spasm, which ultimately helps with better sleep.

Interviewer; Jabu, thank you very much for your time and great insights, we really hope to see you in the PSL assisting clubs with your knowledge, thank you very much!

Mwelase; anytime bro, it was a pleasure hanging out with you and sharing my knowledge… (Laughs), with the PSL one, we’ll see, but I’m open to helping, this is the sport we love and we’d love to contribute in, ta!

Written By;

Jabulani Msimanga and Selebalo Karabo Phasha